DIY – Reclaimed Parquet Installation

A bit of helpful DIY information:

As a novice in DIY reclaimed parquet installation you’ll need to think: planning, patience and preparation. Don’t set yourself an impossible schedule because you will get better results if you give yourself time. After all you will be looking at your efforts for a long time to come.

We did go to the trouble of fitting a few floors ourselves to show our customers just how straightforward it is. We worked with an experienced fitter to ensure we got it right. We learned a lot. Each of the projects were filmed and turned into a time lapse. They have been uploaded onto our website so you can chuckle at our trials and tribulations! You can also see them on YouTube.

We have produced a short fitting guide for those of our customers who want to take the DIY route with a reclaimed parquet installation. We have also gathered a list of DIY friendly professional products which we offer for sale. We have tried and tested everything we sell, and therefore highly recommend them. You will definitely get a better finish using professional products.

So take a look at us laying our first reclaimed parquet floor on the time lapse film below. The wood-block is Beech with a Panga Panga border for those who like the colours. Enjoy!



Links to other useful things about reclaimed parquet installation on our website:

If you enjoyed that time-lapse then here is a link to our next film, which is an Opepe installation in Kent  – this time laid just by us. And the final one is Made in Lincolnshire, a rustic oak floor.

You can click here to browse what lovely reclaimed parquet we have currently available for sale.

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