ENGLISH OAK – Reclaimed Parquet – Fitting Clean


English Oak has lots of character, a light pale honey brown colour with contrasting grain. A lovely parquet, hard wearing and particularly suitable for period house flooring. Click here to learn more about this species .

Before buying your parquet we recommend that you request a sample so you know what to expect.

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These are tongue and groove and the measurements are:

  • 12″ long  by 2 3/4″ wide  by  7/8″ thick
  • (305 mm by 70 mm by 23 mm).

Please note: In the description we use Imperial dimensions because that is how the blocks were originally milled. Metric dimensions are rarely an exact match.

This block has been cleaned. The bitumen has been removed from the base and the sides sanded so everything is ready to lay, just fitting and sanding required.

Where from?

This reclaimed flooring is from the Colchester Co-Operative Society HQ.


For sale in multiples of 1 sq m above the minimum purchase of 5 sq m – if you need a smaller quantity please contact the office directly.

Smaller amounts:

If you just want to do an infill area, we will try to match the size and species for you. However, there will be a small quantities handling surcharge of £25 including VAT for this service. That is over and above the price of the parquet per sq m plus delivery costs.

In order to use this service, we will ask for good photos in focus to be emailed with all three dimensions of the parquet block and your full contact details please. In addition, you may need to send us an original block that we are matching. Please be ready to do this as it helps a lot with identification.


The parquet blocks are square-edged and in good reclaimed condition.

These blocks have been ‘Fitting Cleaned’ by us. This is removal of bitumen from the base, linishing of the edges and square cutting the ends so that they are ready to lay, fitting and sanding only required.

Before buying your parquet we recommend you request a sample  so you know what to expect.

There is a thin layer of bitumen on the bases. The professional adhesives available these days will fuse with the bitumen and stick successfully without the necessity of removal. You can buy our recommended adhesive SikaBond 5500s on our website.

As with all reclaimed material the parquet blocks will require preparation prior to laying. In particular you will need to scrape along the edges to remove old lacquer and debris. By cleaning them up you can achieve a good tight fit across the floor. Once fitted the floor will need several sanding passes.

Photos of English Oak:

The photos show typical English oak parquet sanded and polished – this is the finished material, not the condition of the blocks to be sent out. The feature photo is oak supplied by us to a customer and laid by one of our recommended fitters, although it may be a slightly different size to the one advertised.

English Oak

English Oak close-up


We use Sage Pay 3D Secure or PayPal for all on-line purchases, or you can telephone or email the office to place and pay for your order.


Please allow 10% extra on your room area to cover wastage in the pattern. When purchasing don’t forget to advise us of a contact telephone number and your preferred date for receiving the pallet, as someone will need to be there to sign for it.


We can normally process your order within 6-8 working days and the delivery takes another 2-3 days depending on where you live. In general you would be able to receive your block within a fortnight. If you need your order sooner then please let us know and we will try to help as best we can.