About us at Parquet Parquet:

This is a bit about us – so you know who we are when you get in touch. Lindsay White and Sara Cox are both directors of the company. Between the two of them there is a lot of combined experience and knowledge to be drawn on.  The rest of the team however are also very valued and key members of the company.


Lindsay White


[email protected]

Lindsay has been reclaiming parquet for more than 25 years. He has a wide knowledge of wood types and all things parquet. He runs the yards as well as sourcing the block and managing our team, reclaiming our parquet from all over the UK. A strong believer in re-using things, he began with architectural antiques. Lindsay quickly realised that parquet was one of the most overlooked resources, going to landfill instead of into people’s homes. These were the beginnings of Parquet Parquet, which has been going from strength to strength for the last decade and more.


Sara Cox


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Sara was running her own company working as a project manager since the mid 1980s. Her job was consulting and supervising, on predominantly historic restorations, also involving planning and construction. However for the past 10 years she has been working with her partner Lindsay, as Parquet Parquet has expanded and gone limited. Sara deals with stock, administration, and other office-based functions of the business. With her long experience of the construction industry, she has that added expertise when it comes to giving friendly advice!


We have a great set of people working here at Parquet Parquet. Happy in their work, working away getting parquet ready to send out for our customers, they are always cheerful and fun! The team are an essential part of our business and we couldn’t do our work without them.


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