Columbian Pine

Reclaimed parquet flooring:

Columbian Pine (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Columbian Pine is also known as Douglas Fir or Oregon Pine. The Columbian part refers to British Columbia in Canada. This abundant timber is widely grown in North America i.e. Canada and United States. Named after Scottish botanist David Douglas, although the scientific name is for Archibald Menzies, who first described the tree in the 1790s.

The wood has clear growth ring definition and this produces a distinct lined pattern. In quarter-sawn pieces, the grain is typically straight and plain. In flat-sawn pieces, the wood can have exaggerated grain patterns.

The colour is pale to mid brown with sometimes a red or pink tinge. It glues well, staining can be a bit patchy, but polishing produces good results.Some parquet may develop a slight pinkish to salmon colour when finished with some products. Columbian Pine has a pleasant odour when being worked.

It is a medium weight softwood almost comparable in resistance to wear with pitch pine, although it will bruise when dented. Pre-drilling is recommended for all fixings as it has a tendency to split. It is of course used for top quality joinery and construction and is well suited for parquet flooring when quarter-sawn. You can buy Columbian Pine here.

Columbian pine

Columbian pine