European Oak

Reclaimed parquet wood block:

European Oak (Quercus robur)

An excellent quality timber, European Oak is a very versatile species. A Europe-wide species, typically grown in Britain, France and Germany as well as the Balkans. Much of the reclaimed parquet flooring that becomes available will be native to Britain. This wood was traditionally slow-grown which is what gives the character and grain so familiar to us, known as English Oak.

The colour of the timber is a golden, yellowish brown tone, with a paler sapwood. European Oak has a distinct pale ribboning across the grain in radial cut timber. The ribboning, known as medullary rays, can be very distinctive on European oak.

Oak is a relatively heavy timber, both strong and bendable as well as durable. There is a nice odour, when sanded and it polishes nicely, but not to a high gloss – more of a gleam.

External joinery has often been traditionally European Oak. For example doors, windows and timber frames. Internally it was also used for doors, panelling, carving, furniture and all types of flooring including parquet.

European Oak parquet was used as flooring from the early 1900s to the mid century. It was mostly selected as a prime English Oak and therefore the flooring quality would be excellent.  

Oak is however becoming increasingly popular once more. Consequently Oak is harder to source as a reclaimed parquet and always sells well. We generally have a waiting list for oak, but always contact us to find out what is coming in. 

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European Oak

English Oak close-up