Partridge Wood

Reclaimed parquet flooring:

Partridge Wood (Andira Inermis)

Partridge Wood comes from South America, Central America (including the West Indies). As well as from West Africa – Ghana and Nigeria in particular. Rarer and better grown wood types were available during the era of the British Empire. Many of those species were imported to Britain and this is one of them! It is also known by the name Angelin, West Indian Walnut, Yaba and Cabbage Bark amongst many, many others.

The grain is very striking. A beautiful timber has contrasting narrow sapwood band which is pale brown to greyish yellow and usually clearly defined from the heartwood. The heartwood colour ranges from a dark yellowish-brown to dark reddish-brown. Occasional bands of light coloured parenchyma tissue give this wood a distinctive figure, sometimes with lighter stripes, resembling a partridge wing markings, hence the name.

Partridge Wood is a tough, strong and heavy quality timber with a medium texture and high resistance to impact and abrasion. The finishing qualities are very good. Partridge Wood has excellent stability with small movement, so it is makes excellent parquet flooring. A dense, durable wood, as well as being very attractive. In the reclaimed parquet world, it is hard to find but highly recommended.

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Partridge Wood close-up

Partridge Wood close-up