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Parquet Parquet recommends Marldon Hardwax Oil

It comes in either Ultra Matt or Satin Finish; an environmentally friendly, microporous oil. MXW620 is the Satin finish and MXW630 is the Ultra Matt finish Price: £60 per 2.5 litre tin (including VAT) plus £18 flat rate delivery (can be combined with other products as a one off charge) All prices are including VAT.

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MARLDON HARDWAX OIL MXW620(Satin) and MXW630 (Ultra Matt)


  • Environmentally friendly and micro-porous, this hard-wax oil is a perfect natural treatment for sanded  or previously waxed/oiled wood floors.
  • It protects the wood naturally and is extremely wear resistant, it will not crack, flake, peel or blister.
  • A colourless (clear) and odourless hardwax oil once dry.
  • It is is quick-drying (drying time only 5 hours for ultra matt and 4 hours for the satin finish), so you can apply the second final coat on the same day!
  • Floors and furniture will be water and dirt repellent to some degree. Coffee, wine or similar light spillages won’t easily penetrate and can therefore be quickly removed from the surface.
  • The hardwax oil preserves the natural beauty of the wood even after several years of use.
  • Easy floor renovation without re-sanding.
  • Can be stored at least 5 years in a properly sealed container.


For all kinds of wooden floors: parquet and solid wood floors.

Ideal too for other heavily used wood surfaces*.

How it works:

The oils penetrate deeply into the wood surface, protecting it from below the surface.

The hardwaxes protect the surface, making the wood floors hard-wearing, non-slip and easy to maintain.

MARLDON HARDWAX OIL becomes a permanent part of the wood – therefore no sanding is required when renovating or freshening up the surface.

Coverage capacity:

0.75L = approximately 10 sq m with 2 coats ~ approx. 17 sq m with 1 coat

2.5L = approximately 33 sq m with 2 coats ~ approx. 57 sq m with 1 coat

10L = approximately 135 sq m with 2 coats ~ approx 230 sq m with 1 coat


  1. Remove all old varnishes.
  2. Final sanding grain 120-150.
  3. Surface must be clean and dry (max. humidity 18%). Ideal temperature for application between 8°C and 35°C.
  4. Remove dust thoroughly from floor and walls (so none drops onto your nice new polish)- do not wash the floor before application, simply hoover and/or dust. Water will raise the grain which can only be removed by de-nibbing.
  5. Before using try a small test area first to check for compatibility.
  6. Ensure good ventilation.

MARLDON HARDWAX OIL is ready to use – do not thin, stir before use – apply with MARLDON APPLICATOR BRUSH and/or clean lint-free cotton cloth.

First coat apply evenly and thinly. Remove surplus with white pad or lint-free cotton cloth.

Leave to dry for 5 hours minimum (depending on temperature and air humidity) – if applying to a dense tropical hard-wood you may need to leave it longer for the oil to penetrate.

For a coloured/tinted surface apply MARLDON COLOURWAX OIL as first coat.

Second coat MARLDON HARDWAX OIL also apply thinly and leave to dry as above.

Storage properties

Can be stored at least 5 years in a closed container. Frost resistant. If thickened by frost, store at room temperature for some hours to regain normal consistency.

Health and environment

A non-hazardous product. Natural vegetable oil and wax based ingredients: carnauba and Candelilla waxes, paraffins, sunflower, soybean and thistle oils. Lead free siccatives (drying agents). Water-repellent additives. Volatile matter disaromatised test petroleum (benzene-free, aliphatic – low odour). Complies with the purity demands of the European pharmacopoeia. 

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not bring into contact with victuals and animal food. Skin can become brittle or crack after repeated contact. If swallowed seek medical advice and produce packing or label. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not apply in the presence of naked flames.

Wash out any used cloth immediately or store in airtight container (danger of combustion).

After drying normal inflammable (EURONorm EN 13501 – DIN 4102).

Refer to Health and Safety data sheet below for further information.

*Before using try a small test area first to check for compatibility.


*Data Sheet Marldon Hardwax Oil mxw 620