Maple reclaimed parquet in a cinema!

Maple reclaimed parquet in the public areas of a cinema:

The Everyman Cinema, at the new Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds.

These photos show the foyer, café and gallery of a cinema fitted by a contract flooring company. Our maple reclaimed parquet block was the flooring selected.

The blocks supplied by us was at the scruffier end of the reclaimed spectrum because it all had a carpet adhesive on the surface. Therefore, as per design specification, the parquet had to be cleaned back. However, the cleaning had to be done without looking too ‘perfect’. That is no mean feat when you start with glue on the faces and you do it by hand! However the fitters did it and the result looks amazing.

This covered a large area of about 250 sq m and the effects are brilliant. The gallery has a warm and stylish feel which we hope the cinema-goers will appreciate when they get a chance to visit.

It really does prove that with some confidence and expertise you can get a new life from even the most unlikely looking blocks. All credit to those involved for having the imagination and tenacity to turn the vision into a reality. And the outcome is that more people get a chance to see what a great material reclaimed parquet can be. With a bit of work!


The photo above shows the cinema cafe area also with the same Maple reclaimed flooring, photos courtesy of the fitters.