SikaBond 5500s – no bitumen removal*


Bitumen removal from parquet blocks?

  *This SikaBond 5500s adhesive does not require total bitumen removal. Most experienced reclaimed floor fitters use this professional product for laying down reclaimed parquet with bitumen on the underside. There may be occasions when this does not work but in most cases it does. Coverage is approx 1kg per 1 sq m. 2 x Sikabond 16 kg tub (minimum order) = £350.00 plus delivery £115  including VAT (London) or £95  including VAT- to most mainland UK postcodes, for any number of tubs above the minimum of 2, except the Scottish highlands and Islands - POA *flat rate for 2 or more tubs (delivery by licensed haulier - as this is a solvent).

Before buying your parquet we recommend that you request a sample so you know what to expect.

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SikaBond®5500S – a single part combination of synthetic resins contained in organic solvents.

Solvent Based Rigid Adhesive for Wood Block & Engineered Wood flooring:

No bitumen removal* in most cases. Tried and tested by fitters.

SikaBond® 5500S is the adhesive the professionals use:

For more information please refer to the Technical Data Sheet pdf. SikaBond 5500S Data Sheet 

SikaBond® 5500S

bitumen removal

SikaBond 5500S



  • For full Surface Bonding of:
  1.  Traditional parquet blocks and engineered wood floors, mosaic / mesh backed parquet, industrial parquet and end grained wood paving on cement, anhydrite, and poured asphalt sub-floors.
  2. It’s possible for it to be used over underfloor heating.


  • 1-part, ready to use
  • Very good spreadability.
  • Suitable for use with all types of wood.
  • Especially suited to wood block refurbishment projects where bitumen adhesive residues are present.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Adhesive can be sanded.

Technical Data:

Chemical Base 1-part Synthetic Resin combination
Density ~ 1.48kg/l (DIN 53 479)
Skinning- / Laying Time ~ 10 – 20 minutes (+23°C / 50% r.h.)
Curing Rate Floor may be walked on / sanded and finished after approximately 48 hours after installation (depending on climatic conditions, absorbency of subfloor and adhesive layer thickness).

Sag Flow

Spreads easily, trowel marks stable.
Service Temperature – 5°C to + 35°C

 Application Details:


For full surface bonding only. Ensure that the contact faces of the wood elements are fully wetted with adhesive. 800 – 1200 g/m2 depending upon size of notched trowel used and surface profile of the sub-floor. For the bonding of long or wide boards or in case of uneven substrates it could be necessary to use a notched trowel with bigger notches (avert hollow sections).

For substrates prepared with Sika® Primer MB, the consumption of SikaBond®5500S is lower.

 Substrate Quality Clean and dry, homogeneous, even, free from grease, dust and loose particles. Paint, cement laitance and other poorly adhering particles must be removed. Standard construction rules must be observed.
Substrate Preparation Concrete / cement screed:
Must be clean, dry, contaminant free and thoroughly cleaned with industrial vacuum cleaner.Anhydrite screed / Anhydrite flowable screed:
Must be ground and thoroughly cleaned with industrial vacuum cleaner and  Primed with Sika Primer MB or SikaBond®  5500S diluted 1 – 1 with Thinner EG.

Unknown substrates:
Please contact our Technical Service.

SikaBond®5500S can be used without priming on cement floors, poured asphalt and wooden floor panels providing they are dust free and permanently dry.


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