Parquet Installation

If you have decided to look at reclaimed parquet installation for your project, we think that is a great start!

Above is a time-lapse of another floor we laid – this time oak in Lincolnshire. Click to see Opepe in Kent  or Beech in Southwold on our other installation pages.

There are a few points you should consider in advance of your parquet installation:

  • Is the area you want to use the parquet flooring suitable? You need to have a base which will not flex at all, for example concrete or chipboard. Parquet needs a continuous and firm base or it will lift over time.
  • Is your floor perfectly level? If not, a self-levelling compound for example may solve the problem or preferably a flooring grade chipboard with a membrane barrier below.
  • Do you need to match something else? If so, we are always happy to send out a parquet sample to help you to make the right choice. We can also help you to identify and match an existing parquet. Send us an email attaching a couple of photographs with your contact details and block dimensions. It makes more sense because we can be more targeted with what we send.
  • Do you want to fit the floor yourself? If you do, it is fairly straightforward if you have reasonable practical skills. With a little careful preparation and lots of patience many people have laid their first reclaimed parquet floor, and are justly proud! In fact you can see some in our We Did This Ourselves gallery.
  • We have tried to bring a lot of detail to our website, including the time-lapses, so that you can see the process for yourself and make an informed judgement about parquet installation.

If ‘hands on’ is not for you.

We may know someone who can help you out. We just supply the reclaimed parquet block, but we regularly keep in touch with specialist parquet floor-fitters across the country. We have a network of those who understand reclaimed parquet and will give you a price to undertake your parquet installation. You can contact us on our Premier Service page.

There are photos of our recommended fitter’s work in the Favourite Floors and More Favourite Floors galleries. But please don’t ask us if you have already bought your parquet elsewhere! We are a helpful bunch but it would be nice to think that you would purchase from us and not just use us as an information service…

Armed with the information and helped by some of the myth-busting, we hope you will opt for a reclaimed floor. In our opinion, they are the very best type of floors.


Parquet Installation - Pip approves

Parquet Installation – Pip approves